Modern dental office

Our office went through a complete renovation in 2021.

We have an panoramic radiograph that can make an x-ray of the entire jaw region and surrounding spaces, direct visiography with x-ray digitization and a modern machine for root canal treatment. Every cavity is drilled using a fluorescent detector that precisely indicates which parts of tooth structure are infected and is therefore needed to remove them and which are healthy and can be saved. This allows for a maximaly gentle and careful treatment. The detector can also be used for decay diagnostics that does not require x-rays.

Od roku 2024 je k dispozici intraorální skener, který umožňuje zhotovit některé protetické práce bez nutnosti klasického otiskování

We offer services of a dental hygienist including profylactic cleaning, periodontal debridement and professional tooth whitening.

Náhradu ztracených zubů umíme vyřešit pomocí implantačního systému LASAK

We continuously attend courses and congresses and keep up with what is new in the field of dentistry. All staff has valid certifications and is highly educated.